A National Divorce

What is a “National Divorce?” Maybe this is the moment I coin a term.

A National Divorce is an amicable and consensual separation of the nation. Before I write another word, I think we’re better together (see my blog post ‘a case for man and woman’), but we’re on the verge of being history’s most insane domestic violence call. Unless we want this family named America ruined forever, we need to separate mommy and daddy before something really bad happens.


We haven’t forgotten the Civil War; that was horrific and none of the weapons we have now existed then. Imagine repeating that with today’s weapons.

But to explain the concept, I need to go back.

When America was formed, it was a group of loosely tied republics and commonwealths. The original intent was to have these former colonies combining their efforts to stop any foreign invasion (the British), but aside from matters of national defense, each would be free to do its own thing. That freedom and autonomy was sometimes a benefit, such as the formation of local governments and policy specific to the challenges and needs of that state. And it was sometimes a curse, such as slavery. As an ongoing result, there was, and is, a continuing awkward growth stage that is showing signs of pending implosion.

This nation is still a child compared to the other countries of the world. China has existed for thousands of years, the same for the European nations, and some countries existed and dissolved before America came along. But once word of the ‘New World’ spread across Europe, people of every nationality emigrated from their homelands to set foot in North America, and after some skirmishes and two wars, the United States came to be.

The unique feature of America is that anyone can come from anywhere, though it was really Western culture populations (read: white) who made the initial jump. And though there were different nationalities, they were all varying types of Caucasian and European and their cultures were not radically different from one another. Blending would be tricky, but not impossible. That is not to say that the Irish were not frowned upon, and certainly Italians were denigrated, not even being counted as Caucasian until 1934–before that the census counted that group as “latins”. But they were still all from Europe.

But then came other races and radically different cultures–and the growing number of former slaves demanding a seat at the American table they helped build. Add to this the Chinese who were imported to help build railroads. But they were entirely different racially and culturally; and maybe even mentally. Eastern Europeans (i.e. Russia, Poland, Czechslovakia, etc.) began to show up and brought along with them socialist and fascist ideas. And along came a sprinkling of Jews. How was all this going to mix?

Well, though it was not without some ugly turns, the marriage of these peoples happened. This was mostly because there was an initial dominant culture (Western) that the other groups assimilated toward but not necessarily into. This formed a nascent American culture. This society that lived this culture was always dynamic, mostly efficient and extremely effective. It was also often unfair, sometimes downright nasty, and from time to time brutal and terrifying.

But we made it work, though it didn’t always work for everyone; but that is a tangential discussion.

As more and different peoples came to America with cultural and political ideals that were strikingly different if not outright opposite to the developing American culture and politics, the tricky blend has become increasingly complicated, then frustrating, and now either hopeless or maddening. Maddening to the extent that everyday citizens are angry and willing (at least in speech) to harm one another.

With all that said, now we’re ready to discuss a “National Divorce”.

We don’t see eye to eye, and the differences are getting wider and more varied as the spectrum of cultures widens faster than the ability to PROPERLY assimilate them. With no instruction of the American culture in practice, if that even exists anymore, new Americans fall back on what they know; how we did it back home. Or how we should do what this nation or that nation does, despite the river of people leaving those nations to come here. And that is where I observe that we may not be able to come back from the brink. The arguments are now dogmatic, people just want to take the wheel and drive no matter what harm they may do, on top of the harm already done. The marriage of the United States has reached the point of irreconcilable differences, and if we don’t separate the belligerents the house of America will turn into the world’s largest murder-suicide domestic violence call.

But how do we do that?

In a divorce, the marital assets are split; so should go America. My vision of a national divorce is a return to the states being loosely attached republics that stand together for security. Thereby strategically and for security we remain ‘America’, but each state tailored politically to a specific constituency. BY LAW. To avert violent conflict, ALL members of a political, social, or faith based constituency must reside in a defined state of like-minded residents.

Georgia would go to Black people, or African Americans, or people of color, or the African diaspora, or whatever term is being used at that time. Residency would require 51% confirned African DNA and no interracial couples.  Gun ownership mandatory–as Stokely Carmicahael the Black Panther said in his speech at Berkeley: “Ya’ll try to play that shit again, this time we playin’ back”.  Representatives and Senators of this state must be 70% African American.

There will be a one hundred and fifty thousand dollar (USD), one time reparation payment–to each adult. 

That’s it.  You can’t get your life right after that–the problem isn’t America.  IT’S YOU.

Georgia residents are forbidden to visit the ‘Whites only’ states of Idaho and North Dakota  Mississippi, Kansas, and Tennessee.

For my Boricua hermanos y hermanas, let’s stop playing–Puerto Rico needs to be a state.  You know how much your tourism economy would explode?  If you can demonstrate a solid Republic presence and reliable vote–it would happen within months. 

But come on, you can KEEP Spanish at home and for cultural history, but the everyday language will have to be English.



San Francisco could become it’s own state and dedicated to the Alternate lifestyle community. That new state’s residents must be populated by those sympathetic to the alternate lifestyle community, and send ONLY declared and confirmed alternate lifestyle representatives to congress.

Gay marriage would be legal, public and recognized in this state.  ONLY THIS STATE.


The rest of California could be a progressive republic (it is almost its own country anyhow, like NY), and that state’s representatives must be registered progressives. Progressives are anti-war, so all military installations would need to be relocated to the new state of San Diego, or to Alaska, giving the US military continued access to the Pacific ocean.

Let Anarchists have Washington State and Oregon; there must be absolutely no organized government or businesses in those states except for what THEY choose to organize, though the whole point of Anarchism is that there is absolutely no organized government or businesses. Or property rights.  Be advised: if you are against ALL forms of governance, don’t look for any public assistance or help.

Utah and Nebraska could have a baptized Christian requirement for adults, their requirement for residency. Abortions would be a state crime, unlike the northeast states where abortion would be legal with no restrictions and remain liberal.  No liquor, no porn, no nightclubs, restaurants close at 8pm; nothing distracting you from the everlasting Word…and you can have your stained glass windows depict Jesus as ‘white’ with no argument.  You are free to marry underage girls and have secret sex cults.  You are not allowed to visit the states of San Fransisco and California.

Conservatives would get Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee and Indiana as full open carry second amendment states. Graduation from high school will require firearms training.  BUUUUT,  those states would have NO social welfare programs.  If you go broke, “pull yourself up by the bootstraps”, like you always tell black people.  Public beatings of liberal protestors is legal and preferred.

Protesters confront riot police as they gathered at the Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 in Salem, Ore. Thousands of President Donald Trump’s supporters caused violence and chaos in Washington while Congress attempted to vote to certify that President-elect Joe Biden won the election. (AP Photo/Paula Bronstein)


Idaho and North Dakota will be ‘White’s only’ and also maybe Mississippi, Kansas, and Tennessee.

Residency requirement, 100% Caucasian, Arian, Christian, or whatever you’re calling yourselves…


See, I didn’t forget you!  All the dip and chew and snuff ever made!  Confederate flags, swatikas, whatever.  Drop the N-bomb, go rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ all you want, do whatever you want, say whatever you want.  Residents of these states are not allowed to visit Georgia or the northeast.




Maryland and Virginia would be neutral zones, whose residents must demonstrate measurably that they are moderates (sorry, that is my bias slipping in: “Moderates are people who don’t want to say out loud what they really are”- Rush Limbaugh).  NO PARTISAN POLITICAL ACTIVITY OR EXPRESSION ALLOWED IN THOSE TWO STATES!

Florida would be a conservative vacation state with neutral beach zones dedicated to this group or that so Northeast people could go there to vacation without conflict.

Generally, in this plan, every group would get a state where they could do their own thing unfettered.

Fellow Americans, I don’t like the idea of breaking things up, I would rather work it out, but I think many people don’t want to work it out–they want to have the coming fight. For the sake of peace, we must give our neighbors space. Or, we can stop being disingenuous and not violently repulsed by people with different views.  We can commit to the concept that there needs to be a compromise to a solid American ideal.

That’s my solution, a national divorce is the best way to avoid us killing each other.

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