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A young man in a Marine Corps uniform, a young lady in a white dress, a mariachi band in suits and sombreros, horns, family and friends dressed to celebrate an occasion, a milestone.  They have aspired to and maintained the moments in culture that are special and prepare for them enthusiastically and treat those moments […]


How You helped put Brittney Griner in jail

“You cannot turn someone against their country—they have to want to believe whatever propaganda you tell them.” — Yuri Bezemenov, former Soviet KGB agent. All of you demanding Britney Griner’s release were active in her imprisonment.  What’s funny is, and also shows your ignorance of what we’re dealing with, is the idea that she is […]


Boyfriend? She can be a better man?

So I’m driving along listening to Sirius radio and my ear is drawn in to a lusty old style blues groove. Despite not being a fan of today’s music and themes, this one grabs me, especially from a production standpoint. This sounds like it should be on my playIist; the chord structure is dramatic, and […]