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Women in Masculine Professions

How does a woman working amongst hundreds of men remain a woman in her true essence?  In a turn of thought, I began this writing headed in one direction and somehow headed a different way.  I REALLY intended to criticize women in professions inherently male in their culture.  But in doing so, I felt it […]


It doesn’t hurt until it affects you.

As simple a statement as that is, processing that concept is a shortcoming in every corner of life.  You can explain until you are blue in the face the pain you are feeling about something, and people who think they are empathetic will ignore or deny your suffering.  But when it is their pain, their […]



A young man in a Marine Corps uniform, a young lady in a white dress, a mariachi band in suits and sombreros, horns, family and friends dressed to celebrate an occasion, a milestone.  They have aspired to and maintained the moments in culture that are special and prepare for them enthusiastically and treat those moments […]