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Most amazing about the phenomena of the three year Coronavirus pandemic was that streaming platforms soared — movies, television shows, video casts by content creators;  society has done a great deal of visual media consumption.  I thought that with everyone under Covid-19 house arrest there would be renewed interest in the written word.  I believe that we still have the desire to open a book and sink into a world of limitless imagination, or the peek into an actual corner of the world maybe we have not experienced.

I hope that my autobiography and first fiction work alternately take you to an experience that you are unfamiliar with, or know but wish to see from a different perspective, or that you seek to visit a dystopian future that more and more each day our world seems to be headed for.  As a new addition, also for sale are two Law Enforcement based books from a man with many titles, Rev (Dr) USA CPT, NYPD LT (Ret.) Charles “Chuck” Ferrara.

Finally, I drop the occasional/monthly essay for consumption, consideration, and polite debate.


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In addition to this website, books may be purchased at Amazon for the Kindle and Nookpress.com for the Nook

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06W53QCSP iwnqbe

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082BK7YVW geu




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