Boyfriend? She can be a better man?

So I’m driving along listening to Sirius radio and my ear is drawn in to a lusty old style blues groove. Despite not being a fan of today’s music and themes, this one grabs me, especially from a production standpoint. This sounds like it should be on my playIist; the chord structure is dramatic, and the bottom sounds like a stand-up bass. The woman’s voice is hungry and breathy as the piece explodes into a powerful refrain incorporating electric keyboards and the synthesized horns as she sings:


I could be a better boyfriend than him

I could do the shit that he never did

Up all night, I won’t quit

Thinking I’m gonna steal you from him

I could be such a gentleman

Plus all my clothes would fit

Dove Cameron

So, a few years back I USED to have on my playlist a song titled “Girl” by a group called “The Internet”. Another nice groove, a thin female voice telling her female friend . . . then I realized what was being said:


Girl (you’re mine)

If they don’t know your worth

Tell ’em you’re my girl

And anything you want is yours



I must like their grooves because the same group, with female lead singer ‘Syd’ had an uptempo neo-soul groove, “timeless”:


Stay here with me, sleep here in my palace

Wanna be free? Frolic in my fabrics

Wrapped up in sheets (wrapped up in sheets)

Close your eyes, imagine another day

Waking up next to me, baby


Interesting.  And this was backed by male musicians.  They get credit for the assist.

There’s dozens of these songs out there, the more research I did, the more I was stunned.


I saved this interesting facebook post from someone over at BLM.  I found the theme to be…curiosity provoking.  It may have been removed, and this screenshot is poor quality, so I’ll retype it: 

“Since my post yesterday went left I decided to borrow some words from another BLM organization.  Let’s just–say the quiet part out loud.  She’s a masculine queer black woman from Houston.  She a professional Athlete, a career most men literally dream of. She boasts the height and athletic ability most men–dream of.  She can beat most men in a sport that’s male dominated.  She has a stunner beautiful wife–which also…Who’s ego is she threatening?  Why aren’t we saving her?  Bc she doesn’t fit the damsel in distress narrative that strokes our ego?”


I don’t want to go off on tangents here, but WHO is supposed to be saving Brittney Griner from the Russians?  American men?  Men who the author of that post is implying that Brittany is ‘better’ than?  The men who have wives who are NOT stunners?  The men who do not have her height or ability?  Men who salute the flag she does not respect and sing the national anthem she hates?


Those are their words.  Read that post again.  She can be a better man than you.


Some of this is men’s fault.  We let this cat (no pun) out with our lust for the ultimate male fantasy—the ‘menage-a-trois’.  The male desire to have two women in bed at once, a perversion of the French phrase “party of three”.  A large number of men (Meyers, 2011) desire this act, to engage sexually with two women at the same time.  It is my opinion that this played right into the hands of the male impersonators who seek to replace us.  Never considering that “if they enjoy each other sexually that much then maybe they don’t really need you and your icky penis there?”.  No thought that at least one of these women really has no need for you but went along for the purpose of tasting the other woman? 

I’m not suggesting that lesbianism didn’t originate of its own accord, but I am suggesting that male lust provided a stage for it.  The explosion of male centered pornography from seedy theaters almost into the mainstream of culture provided an even more open stage for the normalization of lesbianism.  Then the voracious appetite for shock value in today’s entertainment, and we have devolved to dance music celebrating this: “I Kissed a girl, and I liked it”, “Born this way”.  These songs, though not the first of their kind, kicked in the door of the heterosexual party, shouting legitimacy. 

And they steered around challenging men.  And that is the axis of this issue.  America, and the world, is becoming more and more accepting of homosexuality, but that was with the unspoken understanding that it would not challenge heterosexuality.  But we now have these interesting tweets from the ladies at BLM (Bisexual/Lesbian Manipulators) suggesting that their imprisoned heroine is better than men, and that we are letting her languish because of that.  We have ‘Emma’ in an Army recruitment video, who thinks her marches in San Francisco for her two ‘Moms’ shows she’s a fighter and should be a Soldier.


I should be clear, my animus is not at homosexuality per se, but at what I now see is the attempt to usurp male position.  Secondarily, a pernicious campaign to pass off this behavior as ‘normal’.  I do not suggest that the alternate lifestyle community does not have the right to pursue their happiness; see my essay ‘A National Divorce’.  The problem comes when the basic building block of human existence is pushed aside by culture, and then corrupted science, to promote the abnormal.

Yes, abnormal.  I respect your right to do it, dependent on you respecting my right to see it as abnormal.  And yes, I also accuse some scientists and doctors of being corrupt.

But, let me introduce you to another avenue of approach for this bullshit, laid out by men.  I was raised in a time when the opposite gender simultaneously presented itself as sexless and desirous.  The overall theme was that women were only interested in sex when it was introduced by men, innocent, and very basic.  We were taught by culture that no decent woman was interested in anything but ‘normal’ sexual activity.  And ‘normal’ was a very narrow path.

Thus, any female interested in sex was to be looked at askance, ignoring that these desires were hetero driven.  Meanwhile the young girls who were described as ‘tomboys’ went unquestioned.  In some cases, fathers who were concerned about teenaged pregnancy welcomed gender crossing behaviors and style of dress.  “It’ll keep them boys off her” (I know two of these such men TODAY).  While male homosexuals were falling on the sword for their cause, lesbians went mostly unfettered.  Men didn’t really see them as a threat or challengers, and the aforementioned sexual fantasies of threesomes led to promotion of it.

I overheard a group of teenaged girls talking to another about an older young lady who was attempting to befriend one of them.  The teenaged girl was complaining that this ‘hard’ looking woman always approached her at the bus stop, “offering this, offering that”.  She was intimidated, was afraid of the woman, and did not know how to turn her away.  If this were a man approaching our daughters (or sons) we would beat the pee out of him. Men, we failed to protect straight women from these female wolves.

You’ve been duped, but in some cases, you duped yourself with your lust.  But I ain’t been duped.  I saw this coming forty-five years ago when I encountered my first ‘dyke’.  In a ghetto of hyper-masculinity, she always wanted to challenge me, the little skinny light-skinned black kid who wasn’t as big and menacing as the bigger and darker black boys.  Then it was high school, a dyke who found it important to point out she could outplay me in basketball, which wasn’t saying much because I wasn’t a ball player. 

This is a new strain of penis envy.  There is this growing need by male impersonators to prove they are better than the men she impersonates, and then enter male culture to pluck the benefits of male sacrifice without actually engaging in male sacrifice.  They point out male flaws, not for the purposes of construction, but to then highlight HER superiority (while we’re not present to know what she’s up to.  Until now).  Men are being challenged by Strap-on Sally, and all aspects of culture are helping them, most notably our government and Hollywood.  Now that we (men) have built everything, society is on cruise control and we’re no longer necessary.

She can be a better boyfriend than him, She can be a better boyfriend than me, She can be a better boyfriend than you

“You can’t tell me you don’t see it,” Lena insisted. “If men disappear tomorrow, so would war. And rape. And just about every other ill of mankind.” – That line is from “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” season 24, episode 6, by a female suspect who sponsors bondage parties and is confronted by Detective Benson.  If the previous twenty-three seasons didn’t tell you what this show is about, that line should.  The whole show is built around the tar and feathering of men.

That wasn’t a bunch of lesbians on those I-beams building New York’s skyscrapers, nor was it lesbians building dams, or mining coal, or on some pitching fishing boat off the coast of Alaska catching fish and crab–it was men. AND ONE SEASON IT WAS ONE WOMAN.  Conversely, it’s not men on delivery tables in hospitals giving babies to the world, that’s women.  Men have no desire to usurp women’s prestige as the womb of life.  Men were, and still are, busy bringing every bit of infrastructure you, and we enjoy today.  Women birthed every life you, and we enjoy today.  Men are born with not just inherent abilities, but also inherent responsibilities, just as the same must be said of women.

But in her desire to be a ‘boyfriend’ the lesbian demands that we take her false identity as actual, and that her motives are altruistic.  And just as the idea of a male impersonating a woman in the powder room is unacceptable, a woman in the men’s locker room is a conflict of interest.

Per the Family Research Institute, apart from Biblical injunctions, homosexuals have been considered non-productive and hence inimical to the well-being and even the survival of the world. In addition, they have been regarded as dangerous, because they preyed on the young and perverted them from normal, healthy, productive lives. In their selfish preoccupation with genital pleasure, they sought to rebel against the natural order of human life itself — the mutual responsibility of one for all that forms the basis of the social contract (FamilyResearchInstitute).


She can be a better boyfriend than him…can she be a better boyfriend than you?


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