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They Want the Sexiness But Don’t Want to do the Work to be Sexy

  Many of the problems that I hear people complain about, and that I have commented about, come from an avoidance of ‘the work’.  This shirking of basic character (and personal responsibility) is at the root of more of society’s ills and people’s individual struggles than we all realize.  To have a strong community, there …

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Jazz Heretics – The Perversion of Jazz

I’m angry with the extremely talented Robert Glasper. I expected better than this. Is it because the art form isn’t making enough money, so the strategy is to bring in this element? I hold him, among others, responsible. This is the work of a heretic. And for him to push during the show, in his between the musical pieces, audio lectures that all of this is ‘Black Culture’ is unacceptable.

Are We FOR, or AGAINST Drugs?

      I need this clarified. Last week, yet another person (who doesn’t really know me) has recommended that I watch the cable tv show, “Snowfall”.  For the unfamiliar, the show is described by the FX network as “A young street entrepreneur, a Mexican wrestler, a CIA operative, a drug-running couple and other characters …

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A young man in a Marine Corps uniform, a young lady in a white dress, a mariachi band in suits and sombreros, horns, family and friends dressed to celebrate an occasion, a milestone.  They have aspired to and maintained the moments in culture that are special and prepare for them enthusiastically and treat those moments …

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