Watching Everyone Complain About the World They Wanted (Part 1)


Isn’t This the World You Wanted?

Over the years, I have humbly shut my mouth on varying topics, only to have actual events later prove I was on the right track.  This latest mess with Israel and the Jewish diaspora is something I saw a LONG time ago.  I am amazed that American Jews didn’t see this coming. They built this mob in the universities!  Even the current democratic leadership in America is stunned—how so?  You MADE this!

Maybe, this Frankensteinian social bloc was intended to unleash its rage only on republicans and the subgroup conservatives but has gone awry.  Maybe, the ‘intersectionalists’ in the progressive movement saw a possible union between Islam and Judaism. In the same political party, the same hospitals, the same universities, Muslim voters who want Israelis out of Palestine or dead, but preferably both—and Jews who do not wish their Israeli brethren to cede/leave Palestine and do not want them to be dead, or both.  Obviously, intersectionalists and their progressive cause are going to greatly disappoint one of those groups.

Democratic leadership, and in particular Liberal Jews, are insanely quiet right now; where’s Chuck Schumer, anybody heard from him?  Thousands of Palestinian-Americans marched on Flatbush Avenue and shut down Brooklyn traffic for hours—this is Chuck’s backyard.  He is one-half of New York City’s Senatorial representation.  Where is he?  With the ‘Squad’?

I must admit, I chuckled as I wrote this.

You promoted these people.  I cannot believe he didn’t see a problem with their ascent.  Neither did the greater American Jewish community that has absolute hatred for republicans.  I have a Jewish neighbor who goes into a fit of rage at the mere mention of the words republican, conservative, or of rich people. But when this Gaza war gets really hot, it will be a heavily republican American military that comes to help, and when American Muslims get their stuff together to attack Jews here, they will need protection from the police departments that their progressive lawyers helped BLM defund. You can’t make this up.

OMG!  (I’m still chuckling)

Boy, that Donald Trump is really a threat huh?  Those evil rascally republicans did it to you this time.  But Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, THEY are your allies for a progressive future.

I demand that ALL Republican leadership stay quiet; let progressives figure this out.

So, here are more of the competing constituencies I see being a problem later:

Brooklyn’s skittles community (what you people call BGLT+Q or whatever) is speaking out in support of Palestinians.  Okay, but uh, when they (Muslims) get what they want, have you noticed there are no gay Muslims?  Says Professor of Psychology & Sexual Health Rusi Jaspal, “Most Islamic scholars are in agreement that homosexuality is incompatible with Islamic theology” (Jaspal, 2023).

The girl power movement has missed that female Muslim leaders only exist in America and the west—not in Muslim lands.  The people and struggle represented by Tlaib and Omar would not allow them to lead outside of America.  Am I the only one seeing this? 

Television talk show “The View”, which is really a roundtable for progressive and Marxist thought, and chaired by feminists, worshipped these two women, Tlaib and Omar—until October 7.  Now Joy Behar is confused.  How so? (Mastrangelo, 2023).  You spent years yelling at republicans and the real hate sat around you at the crescent shaped table.

Crescent shaped table; that’s ironic…

I noticed in 2008 that the forces placing Barack Obama in office as President represented competing and even contradictory constituencies: Jews and Muslims, Gays and family values, Blacks and immigrants.  Environmentalists and Labor unions.  I stumbled on an article written by journalist Masha Gessen, a transgender activist who was chased out of Russia and wrote a ‘New Yorker magazine’ piece defending Ilhan Omar, whose religion would have him beheaded.  (

The black community via the BLM movement advocated for “defund the police”.  Now, across the nation, every black community is being decimated by out-of-control crime and youth.  Some politicians have publicly admitted pulling back police was a mistake, and personally many of the pro-black types I know are complaining that New York City needs it police force to regain control of the streets.  Google “defund police/mistake” and read the stories.  Well, the BC (black community) got the world it wanted.

Those were juxtapositions of groups that contradict one another yet were skillfully manipulated into believing they had similar political interests.  For that alone President Obama showed his and his thinktank’s genius.

This goes on and on, I don’t know what American Jews were thinking.  Liberal northeastern American Jews were powerful executors of modern liberalism and welcomed its more sinister offspring of progressivism, which they didn’t see is anathema to organized religion. Anathema to institutions. The progressive approach is really rebranded Marxism, but with a friendly smile to appear pleasant.

Jews in Brooklyn are leasing storefronts and properties to Muslims; in those Muslim stores you will often see pictures of their family members in Gaza holding RPGs pointed at the IDF.  Jewish college professors advocating for multiculturalism and immigration, which is now includes ethnic groups unfriendly to Jews.  The number of Muslims I see in Brooklyn has almost tripled.

You university administrators get no sympathy from me; For years, when republican student groups tried to invite guests speakers your mobs of progressive students would protest their presence and deny them the chance to speak. You never chose conservatives to speak at your commencement ceremonies. The last straw was Colonel Allen West being protested during an appearance at University at Buffalo by BLM, and then the student who booked him was harassed and her defender physically assaulted.  The same people defending freedom of expression shut his appearance down, and I wonder what side of that debate the faculty at UB came down on.

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