New York, the Empire Socialist State

Black America is in a love affair with socialism.  This same community intensely desires the power and independence of earned capital.  These are contradictory affectations.  Like a rebellious teenager who still lives in their parent’s home, Blacks in America are looking for support from a system they wish to be independent from, and New York state, the ‘Empire’ state, is a comfortable bed for that.  

Salute the flag of the Empire Socialist State!

Blacks, or African Americans, or people of color, or melanated people, or the diaspora, or whatever term we’re using to describe ourselves,  are looking for support from a system they wish to be independent from.

That is probably the most salient point, and if you stop right here, you already got the gold, just attribute it to me please.  But for entertainment read on:

Blacks vote for progressive enablers, white, black, and others, who push this struggling community to continue disassembling the family unit, the basis of any solid community.  The African American marriage rate is down precipitously, from 80% post World War Two to less than 30% currently.  The result is a disaffected youth population, especially males, who lack direction and discipline.  In every corner of the black community I traverse, the discussion is about the self-destructive behaviors of the youth, far worse than ever.  But despite what the productive among us speak of in whispers, blacks cannot bring themselves to try conservatism, and vote for the enablers–politicians who promise more free housing, free rides, free meals, free medicine, free counseling, free college, free phones, free television, and whatever else one needs, free of charge.  In this environment, you’d have to be a fool to pay your own way or seek self-determination.  Why would you do anything for yourself?

The discussion within some circles is about the need to run Black communities in a quiet extra-governmental fashion, similar to Asian or Jewish communities.  But this is completely counter to the dependence on that very government.  And those communities (Jewish and Asian) are structured, organized, and live by rules;

                                                               Black people HATE structure and organization and rules.

                                   If Black people want to climb out of the morass, it begins with structure and organization and rules.

Our distrust of institutions and outright hatred of the police is hurting ourselves far more than the ‘white power structure’ or ‘white supremacy’ some of you are rebelling against.  And the victories now being claimed against the justice system are releasing menaces to society to be your and my neighbors.  To impregnate our daughters.  To force ghetto culture onto your sons and seduce them into violent pointless lives.  ‘Progressive Socialists’ don’t suffer through this, they ensure they do not have to endure the society they force on us.  I know a few of them, they dictate from their sheltered middle and high income communities what goes on while not being subject to it.  But it allows them to virtue signal and feel good that they are helping make the world and society a better place.  They know better.

UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 1865: Karl Marx (1818-1883), philosopher and German politician. (Photo by Roger Viollet Collection/Getty Images)

In their quest to feel good, they foster an entire segment of the population whose existence from birth through death, every day, is someone else’s job, someone else’s responsibility, someone else’s financial burden.  And if something goes wrong—it is also someone else’s fault.

Karl Marx would be proud . . .

Their constituents are the people I grew up with in a housing project.  I was surrounded by the participants of this cultural mindset.  They awaken in apartments that are subsidized by the government, with the only condition being that they continue to vote for liberal/socialist politicians and policies. 

They eat meals paid for by tax dollars.  They send their children to school in clothing that taxes pay for and their kids are usually more expensively dressed than your children.  Well, that’s your fault—you should have been less responsible with your money like them.  Meanwhile they ridicule you and I for working. They attend doctor appointments paid for by tax dollars.  Somewhere along the way they stop into the social services office to receive assistance with the parts of life you and I manage ourselves. 

They even receive a government subsidized smartphone, similar to the one you and I pay about $200 a month for (family plan).  Tax dollars at work in New York, the Socialist Empire State.

After cursing out the staff at the social services office for not giving them even more free shit than they are already getting, they board a public bus or train, like the one I drive, refusing to pay.  Only dummies like you and struggling senior citizens do that.  They take out their government sponsored cell phone and call other social benefit recipients to complain about all the annoying working people they had to deal with, who won’t “just give me what I want”.  This cell phone conversation is usually obnoxiously loud and always vulgar, with no regard for those around them: “So what you and your four-year-old are sitting across from me . . . they gonna hear it in the street anyway.  Mind your fuckin’ business”.

Arriving back in their neighborhood, they go to the supermarket to buy food with their EBT Card, potato chips and a hero sandwich, but also stop at the corner store to buy a bottle of beer, or a pack of cigarettes.  Taxes pay for this food.  And the beer.  And the cigarettes.  The corner store cooperates in the scam because they also are part of the poverty industry and get guaranteed business from these parasites spending your tax money.  This frees up the money they do acquire to get weed, tattoos, or nails done.  In the Empire Socialist State, Poverty is an industry. 

At about this time, school lets out, and their children terrorize the streets and buses and trains, mobs of small kids up to mobs of menacing teenagers threatening everyone in sight and each other.  You dare not challenge them the way we were challenged by adults when we were that age, or they will gang up on you and beat your stupid ass half to death.  The African immigrant below selling cheap hats was beaten into a coma by one of these violent mobs.  Those children will turn their viciousness to other children who have aspirations and good parenting and punish them harshly (and sometimes brutally) for being well-behaved (see below).

After that, some will go into local businesses to begin their lifelong careers in shoplifting, overpowering store security with boldness and sheer numbers.  The few who are caught will complain about racial profiling, stop and frisk, and the brutality of law enforcement.  The accusations of racism emerge, demands for their release voiced, protests against the ‘system’ and the boogeyman of white supremacy, and that they are not miscreants, but actually heroes to be lauded in the Empire Socialist State.

Back to the adults of this mess, who now find a good spot on the bench in the park, in front of the projects, or at the bus stop to smoke their weed, get drunk, and fall over laughing and cursing, as the little old women have to stand as they wait for their ride to appointments or the bus.  Those old women, and men, will struggle to properly pay the senior citizen half fare, while behind them will be a parade of able-bodied men who have this reason or that why they cannot pay, and that the idea of walking to their destination is unfathomable.  They will say this in the presence of the old people who five decades ago walked miles during bus boycotts and in the face of klansmen, police, dogs, and fire hoses.

In this group of freeloaders is She’niqua Di’jonaysse Johnson and her boyfriend DeAntre Lattrell LeShon.  She too cannot pay the fare, despite fingernails that are longer than a hawk’s talons and decorated with art better than Kim Kardashian.  She also has several equally elaborate tattoos.  She’niqua does not have the bus fare and is angry that the bus driver dare question her.  She needs her money for colored hair and Chinese food and to get into the club this weekend.  DeAntre?  He spent his bus fare on weed and if you dare challenge him he will take out his phone paid for by your tax dollars to call other worthless bums living off your tax dollars to come meet the bus along its route and beat you half to death.  She’niqua will get a few licks in because you insulted her.  In the photo left, this thug shot up a Philadephia bus with an AK-47 because people asked his girlfriend to speak lower on her cellphone.  

She’niqua is trying to get to the section 8 office and after that she might enroll in community college to complete remedial courses that should have been completed in high school (Taxes are now paying a second time for education she missed the first time around).  She’niqua (who cannot explain the purpose of the apostrophe in her name) is towing a small child, who is bored.  Rather than handing this hungry young mind a book, or talking with the child to develop conversational skills, She’niqua will curse at the three- or four-year-old as though the child is a prison inmate.  Maybe she is angry because the ‘thug’ she ‘luhh’ so much is not suited to be a father, because young black women love shitbags like the the tattooed jackass pictured left.  Remember, it was Angie Stone who when expressing her love for black men, ruined it by including the, “standing on the corner, down for whatever brother”.  Or, she is angry because the child is interrupting the vulgar rap music playing from her phone (the Obama phone our tax dollars funded).  If she has headphones, she might at that point use them, leaving the child without interaction and conversationally unengaged.

In the back the bus, the menacing youth have departed.  The bus now picks up one after the other, more young men who absolutely stink of weed, the pungent smell wafting in as soon as the front door opens.  Each young man is in the appropriate uniform of failure: doo-rag, tattoos on arms, necks, sometimes faces, t-shirt with some sort of anti-social logo or image of their favorite dead or jailed rapper, and sagging pants that show more underwear than they hide.  The first words from their mouths are always, “Bruh man, I ain’t got it, can you let me go?”

This group of men (who haven’t paid) gather in the rear of the bus to discuss topics ranging from prison sentences for shit they did, to, IF they are employed, how they told the boss at work, ‘I ain’t doin’ that shit, that ain’t my job’.  The discussion then moves to current events, and the street thug analysis of world affairs.  Then interpretation of national news comes, with the tattooed fraternity assessing a few stories in unique fashion.  After that, it gets to their favorite part, commentary on local news in the streets (n****r shit).  The entire discussion is at a volume for all hear, decorated liberally with profanity, and finalizes in how ‘fucked up’ society is, and how they can’t get a fair shake.

We say nothing, no one with good sense would.  This group is combustible, and if challenged, will unleash violence upon the fool who requested decency in their behavior.  Some good citizens will not speak up out of fear, but others will not object out of love–some of these dysfunctional black people remind them of close relatives.  They have a soft spot for the idiocy.

They cannot bring themselves to criticize n****r shit because that would indict people they love and have been indoctrinated to believe are not criminals but are victims of American racism or even martyrs for ‘the struggle’.  Socialists will not criticize them because they need their support.  Marxists will not criticize them because they will need their brutality later.

Socialism has captured the hearts and minds of the Black community, it is the currency of New York State, and of ‘liberal/progressive’ politicians, to retain its monopolization of the ‘Black vote’.  Politicians love it as a tool to encourage the recipients/constituents to continue to vote for them, with the tacit agreement to take money from other people and give it to the ‘disenfranchised’.  It is also to intimidate those from whom the wealth was taken–cooperate with the state’s socialist aims–or be punished again.  The state population loves it because it lets them ‘feel’ like they are compassionate, think socialism is effective, and prove their progressive positions. 

They are actually using the poor, and in particular, lower income Blacks.  They created an intellectual sounding term for this: intersectionality.  It’s an arrogant way to say you’re going to use a group of people.  But as long as they sprinkle freebies as they manipulate the lower rung Black Community, there won’t be any complaint because nothing gets ghetto people excited like the prospect of free shit.

So, the Black person votes (again) for socialist policies which perpetuate dysfunction, irresponsibility, and poverty. 

Enjoy your stay in the Empire Socialist State of New York.

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