Fifth Generation Covenant: A Challenged Code of Honor

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A young rookie police officer witnesses a homicide on a dark Bedford Stuyvesant roof. No surprise for a hot summer night in Brooklyn. The only problem-the homicide is committed by two fellow officers. Officer Dempsey is challenged by the thin blue line of silence and whether or not to break a family covenant that spans five generations of N.Y.P.D. members. Fifth Generation Covenant traces each generation from County Cork, Ireland to Manhattan, USA. The heroics and integrity of this Irish clan moves through the trenches of France during World War I to the war in Afghanistan. For over a century the Dempseys served honorably in military uniform and that of New York’s Finest. Doing the right thing was the standard-until it was challenged in the fifth generation. The question remains whether this covenant would hold or be broken. “Chuck Ferrara’s first attempt at fiction is based on imagination and real historical settings. The story line brilliantly tracks an immigrant family that chose to claim America as its own, willing to sacrifice and, if necessary, die for the freedoms its citizens enjoy. This fight was fought both on foreign soil and the mean streets of New York City. Fifth Generation Covenant captures the height, width and depth of New York at its very best and its worst. It is worth the read.” Dan Depagnier, Det. Sergeant, NYPD, ret. Chuck Ferrara, a retired N.Y.P.D. lieutenant and former captain in the U.S. Army Special Forces, has an inside scoop on the inner-workings of both the military and law enforcement communities. This is evident in the book. Author of the best-selling book, Beyond the Badge, Ferrara captures the essence of the many challenges that face those who are willing to lay everything on the line to serve and protect.


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