THere are still men out there who take action

A vigilante story, of good men who take action to end gang violence and confront their personal philosophies in the process.  They face the scorn of city political leadership, the attention of law enforcement, and distraction of alluring women while fighting to restore decency to their community.

The G.E.U. (Gang Extermination Unit)

Jeff Jones

A man who has seen enough of the criminal element ravaging his city and the young people in it.  Even more frustrating is a Mayor and administration that seem to do nothing.

the mayor

In the city he governs, he protects his citizens . . . from the police.  Is his true commitment to the sophisticates at fancy dinner parties?

The boyd avenue gang

The gang, a basic level criminal enterprise, led by K Black; he knows everyone, but no one really knows him.  He has built his gang of uncaring rogues to further the lawlessness in the city.


Autumn Lee has been affected by the gang problem personally; she wants to assist Jeff Jones and his partners to make the city safe.  Stacy Willians has to choose which master to serve.

Signed? For whom?

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If you like action and want a break from the “traditional” urban fiction, try this book out.
Conrad Queen will soon become a writer known as well as Tom Clancy.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I think you will too! “
– Jason A. Neal